Steve Mera has not only spent most of his career actively investigating and researching UFO sightings and experiencers, he has spent the best part of 20 years investigating paranormal disturnbances at a corporate level and confidentially for over 300 companies and businesses throughout the United Kingdom. Steve has also conducted residential investigations throughout the UK and the U.S.

Steve's first five books concentrate on the subject of paranormal and parapsychological research and investigation, from providing a reference guide with his first book 'The A-Z of the Unknown'. In his second book, 'The Paranormal Investigators Handbook' he provides educational techniques, investigation skills, helpful guidelines and technical data for those interested in becoming active investigators of paranormal phenomena. Steve's third and fourth book 'Strange Happenings - Memoirs of a Paranormal Investigator' and 'Paranormal Insight - A Concise Study of the Strange and Profound' delve into a number of investigations that Steve found himself perplexed as well as shocked. In his fifth and sixth book, Steve joins his co-author, horror novelist Jenny Ashford to bring you two of the most profound cases he has ever been involved with, 'The Rochdale Poltergeist', (available in english and japanese), and 'The House of Fire and Whispers'. Both these cases involve paranormal disturbances well beyond the norm, from active investigations in both the UK and the U.S.

Steve's most recent release is the 'UFO Investigators Training Course' (UITC), AKA 'The UFO Investigators Reference Guide (in the U.S.), this book co-authored with Barry Fitzgerald, Brian Allen and Donna Fitzgerald is a full comprehensive course, available in high quality print and online. To learn more about the UITC course please visit:

'The A-Z of the Unknown' is unfortunately now out of print and is currently being updated for re-release along with 'The Paranormal Investigators Handbook' and 'Paranormal Insight - A Concise Study of the Strange and Profound'. Other books are available and to learn more or purchase, simply click on their covers to be redirected.

Steve is currently working on two new books, both cover an in depth study of the UFO Phenomena and will be available in the near future. Further course supplements for the UITC are also on going.

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