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Steve has worked on numerous television shows in different capacities, as a host, appearances and provided information and scripts in various subjects that include, UFOs, the paranormal, cryptozoological, supernatural, earth mysteries, conspiracies, ancient mysteries and science. He has also appeared as an actor in several TV shows and documentary movies. His last audition was for Ridley Scott's 'The Terror', held in London UK. Steve's work in this industry and specific subjects of the unexplained makes him a perfect candidate to be an official spokesman for subject related movies, TV shows and documentaries.

Below, are a number of productions Steve has been involved with.

Sightings, Strange But True, Most Haunted, Revealing Secrets, Look North West, Highland Mysteries, Out of this World, Origin Unknown, Mysterious Skies, Granada Reports, Ghosthunters UK Version, Strange Creatures UK, Conspiracy Corner, Heaven & Earth, The Late Night Debate Show, The Richard & Judy Show, Good Morning TV, Encounters, Ghost Cases, Mysterious Britain, On Location, The X-Files, Beyond Belief, The Why-Files, Scream Team, The Afterlife, Circlular Mysteries, Psychic Live Time, UFO Hunters, The Great Unexplained Debate Show, Channel M Debates, National Geographic Channels - Mysterious Science, National Geographic Channels - Paranatural, Supernatural Science, National Geographic Channels - Wild X Files, Fright Night, Cyber Cafe, Paranormal Happenings, Wild Case Files, UFOs Over Manchester, Phenomena Project, The Mysterious Mummies of Peru, Unsolved Mysteries, The Alaska Triangle, The Unexplained and numerous other productions.

Official Spokesman: Travis - A New Documentary Film

Radnor, PA -Filmmaker Jennifer W. Stein and co producer Bob Terrio won two EBE awards at the Open Minds film festival in Scottsdale, AZ February 28, 2015. This was Jennifer's 4th EBE award. "Travis" is a 90-minute documentary film recounting the now world- famous 1975 UFO abduction of Travis Walton and the impact it has had on his and on the lives of others who were also involved.  Clink on Image Below to be taken to the official website.

Travis premiered at the 2015 International UFO Congress Film Festival in Scottsdale, AZ where it swept the 'EBE' Awards for Best Long Documentary film and the People's Choice Award. For more information please visit Screening requests can be sent to Jennifer W. Stein,

Travis - The True story of Travis Walton, was three years in the making. All living members of the original logging crew are featured. Current and archived interviews are woven of the police sheriff, the chief polygraph expert for Arizona in 1975, as well as UFO experts Stanton Friedman, Kathy Marden, Ben Hansen, James Fox, Peter Robbins, and Lee Speigel.

The true story has never been told in a documentary and Jennifer believed the time had come to capture these interviews and testimonies on film for the next generation.

2015 marks the 40th anniversary of the Travis Walton incident with a UFO Conference in Heber, AZ that included screening TRAVIS, a tour of the actual forest incident location and a weekend with top experts in the field. . Event coordinators included Travis Walton, Karen Brard, Peter Robbins, Ron Williams, Ben Hansen, and Stacy Wright and Jim Mann.The film is on sale at Contact Jennifer W. Stein for screenings.

Jennifer is also a State Section Director for PA MUFON:

Stein said, "I acknowledge the bravery of Travis and his fellow logging crew-members who could have debunked this story because of the unfavorable media attention it was getting. They could have saved themselves from years of ridicule and claimed it was all a hoax, but they never did.... They all stuck to the truth their story, all these 40 years in spite of the ridicule they endured. The film is a personal interest story into how this event challenged their lives and changed their lives forever."

This three-year project would not have been possible without the amazing cast and crew who lent their talents and support to the project. Our list of crew, researchers, and support staff is listed at the EKP/Synopsis/Media Kit page of the web site.

Bob Terrio was co-producer, with additional support provided by Adam Stein from Bloomgarden films( LA) Zachary Weil from Two of Us Productions (LA), associate producers, Peter Robbins, Ron James, Stanton Freidman, Brian Farrell, Gary Hilton, Ben Hansen, and Travis Walton. This three-year project would not have been possible without the support of support staff listed in the film credits and the media page of the web site.
Stein said, "Bob Terrio and I undertook this project with Travis because Hollywood would not, or could not tell the true story of Travis Walton. We don't need to make these stories up, that only confuses everyone, and the truth is more interesting."

Their goal: to make a documentary that was not a UFO film, but a great documentary about what happened to a logging crew in 1975 in Heber, Arizona; because this event could have happened to anyone. Their hope: that the film serves as a breakthrough in traditional film festivals, opening minds not necessarily interested in the UFO phenomena who may find compassion for Travis and his logging crew.

Steve Mera is the Official Spokesman for TRAVIS. Information pertaining to this incredible incident and details of the movie can be obtained by contacting Steve Mera at:

Official Spokesman: The Quiet Ones - Movie

This movie brought to you by Hammer Productions tells the alarming story of a young girls battle with the paranormal and a professor of psychology along with his team secretly conducting experiments in hope of saving the girl from the clutches of evil.  Click on the image below for further information.

An unorthodox college professor leads his best students off the grid to perform a dangerous experiment to create a poltergeist. Operating under the theory that paranormal activity is triggered by negative human energy, the group uses a series of tests to push a young woman to the edge of sanity.

Frightening occurrences with unspeakable consequences subsequently unfold, leading the researchers to the realization that they have unleashed a force more terrifying than they could have imagined.

Release date: April 10, 2014 (United Kingdom)

Director: John Pogue

Production company: Hammer Film Productions

Music composed by: Lucas Vidal

Screenplay: John Pogue, Oren Moverman, Craig Rosenberg, Tom de Ville.

Steve Mera is the Official Spokesman for 'The Quiet Ones'. Information pertaining to this incredible incident and details of the movie can be obtained by contacting Steve Mera at:

Official Spokesman: Outcast - Fox TV Series

Created and co-executive produced by Robert Kirkman ("The Walking Dead"), the drama series "Outcast" stars Patrick Fugit ("Gone Girl") as Kyle Barnes, a man who has been possessed by demons since he was young. His search for answers -- and redemption -- leads him into a relationship with Reverend Anderson, a West Virginia evangelist who believes he is fighting in a holy war against Earth's evil forces. Click on image below for more information.

Created and co-executive produced by Robert Kirkman ("The Walking Dead"), the drama series "Outcast" stars Patrick Fugit ("Gone Girl") as Kyle Barnes, a man who has been possessed by demons since he was young. His search for answers -- and redemption -- leads him into a relationship with Reverend Anderson, a West Virginia evangelist who believes he is fighting in a holy war against Earth's evil forces.

As Barnes sequesters himself from those he loves for fear of causing greater hurt, he begins to delve into secrets from his past. What he discovers could be life-changing -- and affect the fate of the world forever.

First episode date UK: June 3, 2016.  Network: Cinemax.  Adapted from: Outcast by Kirkman and Azaceta
Steve Mera: Official Spokesman for Fox TVs Outcast,  Available for radio presentations / interviews at:

Official UK Spokesman: The Other Land of the Gods

What if Romania, land of mysteries and legends, could lead us on a trail of universal myths to requestion our origins, not by looking towards the stars but under our feet?" The Other Land of the Gods is the first documentary film that opens the doors of the mysteries of Romania. An exclusive investigation in the depth of the Carpathians, land of mystery and unexplained phenomena; underground tunnels, UFOs, haunted forests, living stones, legendary treasures, excavations of gigantic skeletons, and civilizations still unknown... An intriguing and initiatory journey to a legendary land of the Gods, unexplored until now. Click on the image below to find out how to view the documentary.

This 104 minute film has been based on 2 x 52 minute episodes and highlights archaeological discoveries with an incredible potential that questions official history.

Discoveries of tablets representing symbols older than Sumer, gigantic skeletons, extra-terrestrial ships, tunnels leading to the centre of the Earth, ooparts (anachronistic objects) etc

The film unveils an ancient civilization, an unknown culture: the Thracians. Spread throughout the European continent they had a great influence on the Romans and Greeks, who were inspired by their way of life and their culture. Among the tribes that were part of it, we identify the "Dacians": a great nation coming from nowhere, of whom we still don't know so many things. Defined as controversial and primitive, the subjects exposed in the film show that this ethnic group had knowledge of multiple domains far beyond what historians have discovered: astronomy, medicines, and that the ancient priests of this tribe were initiated in Egypt. What are the hidden mysteries about these ancient inhabitants that pushed the archaeological and historical institutions to discredit this culture?

Looking closer at the Dace ornaments we find that some are abnormally "large", which leads us to think that among these warriors some were of an extraordinary size. By diving into the myths of this country, we discover that at some point giants inhabited these lands and that the Roman Emperor Trajan built statues much bigger than those that were built in memory of his own soldiers. We discover that there was a Thracian Roman Emperor who measured more than 2.50m (more than 8ft) in height. Greek philosophers also tell us that the Thracian Kings were giants who measured more than 3-meters tall.

The film also reveals the discovery of ancient tablets with unknown symbols and writings, which it is believed belonged to the Dace nation and proved that the Dacia people knew how to write well, contrary of what official history has taught us. On those tablets we are able to see some iconic scenes that show men side-by-side with giants. Our investigation takes us to isolated and wild lands. Witnesses speak of discoveries of gigantic skeletons that have been kept secret... they tell about an underground city containing giant skeletons, tunnels leading to the centre of the Earth, tribes that lived underground in Romania, and so on.

The discoveries of these giant skeletons are numerous. In some areas, local traditions speak of Gods from the stars that came to help mankind. They speak about the existence of an Anunnaki God and the conflict that led to wars. Can this legend of Gods from stars and the discovery of giant skeletons be connected? For many people, yes it can. They talk about an underground base in the Bucegi mountain region that some believe it is connected to an extra-terrestrial civilization. This very controversial story divides the seekers of truth, and presents the hypothesis that a long time ago another human race, much more advanced than ours nowadays, could have walked on the lands of Romania.

An archaeological piece discovered in the 70's could be the key to all this mystery. According to its composition it belongs in the "ooparts" category, anachronistic objects that cannot be placed on our time line. It suggests that in Romania, there were some very advanced civilizations. Could they be linked to divinity from the stars as the enthusiasts support it?'This incredible documentary is mindblowing. I've simply never seen anything like it before.        It blows the lid of one of the best kept secrets on Earth... That we have been visited and that they left EVIDENCE!'....

Official UK Spokesman: Witness To Another World

Juan lives a solitary existence on a remote farm ever since he witnessed a UFO event. Filmmaker Alan Stivelman -together with the help of famous astrophysicist Jacques Vallée - begin an epic journey to help Juan in understanding the deep meaning of his close encounter. This true story shows the long-term consequences of close encounters, proving that no one is exempt from a potential contact.

"Witness of another world" is unique in showing the long term meaning of such encounters on people and those around them. That has never been done before, and especially in a real, non-fiction setting where the people who laugh or cry on the screen are not actors"- Dr. Jacques Vallée

"I am deeply touched by this film and your wise and graceful style and sensitivity. Thank you for sharing it with me, and thank you for the very personal effort it must have taken to make it. Bravo! Again, thank you for this unique and memorable film. I think itis the closest depiction I have seen of Jacques' philosophy about the UFO Phenomenon"- Douglas Trumbull. VFX of Close Encounter of the Third Kind, Blade Runner, 2001.

Click image above to watch:

For further information contact the Official UK Spokesman Steve Mera at:

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